Friday, April 29, 2011

Holy Crepe! I'm sew excited!

I arrived home today to find Crepe from Colette Patterns in my letterbox.

This will be my third sewing project. I have decided, if I still like sewing after this, I might have to purchase a sewing machine (def second hand and probably pretty simple).

I'm really impressed with the packaging of the pattern. It was comes in a lovely card folder complete with a whole booklet of instructions and a few words of encouragement. This is just what I need at the start of my first 'dress sewing project'.  Now I have just have to decide on a fabric: decisions decisions.

If you'd like to see some great examples of the Crepe pattern, check out Hot!Damn!Femme's blog and the beautiful version from Casey on her Elegant Musings blog.  If you're interested in making one too, have a quick look at Gertie's step by step tutorial to see what I'll be doing sometime soon!

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