Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's day desserts

We are celebrating early this year because we won't have time on Monday.  It is our tradition to stay at home and cook something special for each other. I'm in charge of dessert.  The fella asked for a dessert that included figs. So, after consulting my maggie beer cookbook, I decided on these two:

Valentine's day goodies

It all started when I saw this very cute valentines day card, complete with envelope, printable on the Ruffled blog (card originally from Two Brunettes).

Since then, I've been trawling the crafty/design world for ideas.

Ez at Creature Comforts has a great collection of printable treats for Valentines' day and Design Sponge has really put together some great ideas for a valentine's day tea break. If you're feeling a little more crafty, all crafts has some great project ideas. I wish I had time to do more!

In the end I used these tags from to create a little treasure hunt for my fella. I'm going to be out early on Valentine's day and won't be home til late, so I thought it might be nice to leave him something sweet. It has been a while since I downloaded them, so if you know the page ref please let me know!!

Some of his favourite little treats, and a chocolate bar he hasn't tried :)

I also found some of those 'make your own' icy pole moulds.
I've written on the back of that note a promise to keep them filled with 
healthy fruity ice treats (he's a bit of health nut sometimes).
Hope he likes it!

PS. if a special gift for yourself is more your style, check out these beauties!

I Heart Umbrellas from modcloth

Romanova Ringfrom modcloth

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Interests...a showcase

 Photography - I love mucking around with the camera!
Here are some shots taken in Northern NSW in Australia

This is a shot I took at my Aunty's home in Toronto...

...And, to give you an idea of the wildlife around my current home, here's a ringtail possum (Brisbane, QLD, Australia). 

 Food!  I really am not good at photographing food but I love cooking...

One of my other great 'loves' is travel. I've been really lucky to visit quite a few far!
Chicago, USA

Rome, Italy

Hoi An, Vietnam

Sydney, Australia

Cairns, Australia

Edinburgh, Scotland

St Paul, MN, USA

Washington D.C., USA

St Petersburg, Russia

Venice, Italy

Swiss Alps

Near Baltinglass, Ireland

Lucern, Switzerland
Rochester, MN, USA

Lamington National Park, QLD, Australia