Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's day goodies

It all started when I saw this very cute valentines day card, complete with envelope, printable on the Ruffled blog (card originally from Two Brunettes).

Since then, I've been trawling the crafty/design world for ideas.

Ez at Creature Comforts has a great collection of printable treats for Valentines' day and Design Sponge has really put together some great ideas for a valentine's day tea break. If you're feeling a little more crafty, all crafts has some great project ideas. I wish I had time to do more!

In the end I used these tags from to create a little treasure hunt for my fella. I'm going to be out early on Valentine's day and won't be home til late, so I thought it might be nice to leave him something sweet. It has been a while since I downloaded them, so if you know the page ref please let me know!!

Some of his favourite little treats, and a chocolate bar he hasn't tried :)

I also found some of those 'make your own' icy pole moulds.
I've written on the back of that note a promise to keep them filled with 
healthy fruity ice treats (he's a bit of health nut sometimes).
Hope he likes it!

PS. if a special gift for yourself is more your style, check out these beauties!

I Heart Umbrellas from modcloth

Romanova Ringfrom modcloth

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