Friday, May 20, 2011

Retail diet

It's official! I'm going on a retail diet til 2012!
Inspired by The Little Brown Dress project and the New Dress a Day blog, I'm taking my wardrobe and my lifestyle to new (or should that be old) levels.

Here are my rules (because I'm the boss of me and I get to choose my rules):

  • From now until January 1, 2012 I am not allowed to buy any retail products except food and toiletries. 
  • I'm allowed minimal cleaning products like soap, toothbrush, shampoo but I'm going to try to only use those that minimize packaging and harmful chemical use.  I say 'harmful' chemicals because everything is made of 'chemicals'...and has genes at atoms and all that jazz :)
  • Crafting must now be from second hand and thrifted finds.  But I'll allow a tiny bit of glue or thread purchases if I run out AND I'm making something with a practical use that will prevent me buying something new.  I must use all available materials first.
  • Gifts must also fit the criteria -argh! Sorry friends and family :)

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