Friday, July 1, 2011

My month in pictures

Phew! Work really kicked me around this month so I didn't have a lot of time for blogging. Here are some of the highlights though. In no particular order!

Sweet enough June was really difficult. Here's  the final post I put on the small Facebook group that my friends and I used to share our ideas, admit our defeats, and announce our successes. I recommended a group like that if you're ever going to try this!

I also made some resin based earrings (well, I constructed them...some of the work was done for me). I'm selling these to friends in Australia at the moment, just for a few dollars. I'm not brave enough yet to sell things to other people.  I'm a bit worried about all the logistics of it.  Plus, there are heaps of people selling 'stuff' on the Internet. We probably don't need another person in the mix!  Was a fun thing to do and has helped me acquire some new jewelery without much expense.

I also had two holidays to Maleny (see some tourist info here) One trip was with friends and one with family for my mother's 60th birthday. It was very relaxing. Here's a pic of the Australian wine and beer we drank.

I did some more baking. I also tried to make some cookies/scones without using sugar. They turned out OK but the recipe needs some work. You can see a short video below.

One of my most exciting outings was to the new "Stitchery Collective" in Spring Hill Brisbane. These ladies are QUT graduates and are developing a collective around not for profit fashion. Look at their amazing fabric samples!

"The Stitchery" hold classes and I went to the 'upcycling' workshop. I made this dress below. The idea is to make new fashion from existing pieces. Can you guess what type of item my dress used to be?
Yes, it used to be a men's business shirt!  I'm hoping to expand my skills in this area - if I can just get my sewing machine to work properly!  I've also just bought this book:

I've started to read through the chapters and, as a beginner sewer, I'm really happy I purchased it. The book starts with a brilliant introduction that gives statistics and figures about how much we waste by discarding clothes too quickly and the cost involved in making clothes.  I really liked this and instantly wanted to show it to everyone I know.  The chapters are also set up so that easier patterns and ideas are towards the front and the required skills/ experience builds as you get to the back.  The best part is that there are op/thrift shopping ideas at the start of each project; Tina tells you what kinds of items you're looking for, how large, quality of the fabric etc.  That's great for someone starting out in 'upcycling' clothing!  I'll let you know how I go with the projects.

You can buy it here.

We also went for a few walks. Here's two of my fave pics. No editing etc.

So now it is onwards and upwards as we head into July. This weekend I'll attempt to run my third half marathon. I'm really nervous right now because I haven't trained much at all. It is winter here and I've found myself getting home from work and sitting in front of the TV or in the kitchen a lot. I don't seem to be in a routine with my exercise and so I know this will be a difficult race for me.  I'll let you know how it goes!...I'm scared!
The race details are here.

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