Friday, July 15, 2011

A sleepy afternoon.

Amazing, I can create 'stuff' about 'sleepy' little Rochester, MN from the other side of the planet. I lived in Rochester last year and the images in this stop motion are from the webcam at UMR.  I logged into the webcam today and whenever I had a break in my work I grabbed a few screenshots. Then, using, I put it all together into this simple stop motion.  Not earth shattering, I know, but a way to capture an afternoon and save it.  I really got into watching the 'ant people' seeing how long people lingered on a park bench, who rushed through, and how long parents let their children enjoy the water fountain. For those who don't know, the event you see here is Rochester's "Thursdays on 1st and 3rd".

I wonder what other people would do if they had one afternoon to fill any way they liked...

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